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Cambodian White Rice is a non-fragrant type of rice. It is commonly called as 5451. It is milled using 3-months crops, usually grown 2-3 times per year in both dry and wet seasons. It can be planted in many regions throughout Cambodia mostly in the central region where the irrigation system is accessible. This kind of rice has a firm texture and gives a high volume of cooked rice. It is popular among the majority of the world population.

Typical Specification

  • OriginCambodia
  • ColorWhite
  • Moisture14.0 % Max.
  • Average length of whole kernels6.20 mm Minimum
  • Broken5% Max.
  • Yellow kernels0.30% Max.
  • Chalky kernels4% Max.
  • Immature kernels0.20% Max.
  • Damage kernels0.50% Max.
  • Small Broken Kernel (<2.5 mm)0.20% Max.
  • Foreign matter0.30% Max.
  • Glutinous rice0.50% Max.
  • Paddy per Kg01 grain Max.
  • Rice Texture after cooking and coolingsoft and remained soft
  • Milling degreeExtra well milled, double polished and 100% sortexed
  • InsectsNil

Remark : The specification above may be adjusted based on the actual sample or grade, degree and broken percentage.

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