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Baitang (Kampuchea) Plc. has its Quality Assurance Team working to control the quality of paddy, milled rice and reprocessed rice to conform to the sanitation standard of food. All Quality Assurance Staff are trained on the sanitation standard quality and techniques of quality control. Criteria of quality control of paddy is to check on the percentage of purity, level of moisture, damaged kernel, chalky kernel, yellow kernel, red streak kernel, broken percentage, grain glossiness and other matters. Rice quality checking is to control from milling line to semi-final line; the criteria is to check on grain glossiness, broken percentage, color, smell and cleanliness before processing to final processing line and packing. We have high-tech equipments to control all quality criteria above. All factors of quality control in Baitang can entrust buyers with confidence in distributing or selling in the markets. As the leading rice export company, quality is key to Baitang – in maintaining its competitive advantage within the markets. 

Paddy and Rice Warehouse

The dried paddy is stored in the standard warehouse in a clean environment with proper handling technique. The total capacity of Baitang’s warehouse has expanded to 200,000 tons.

Baitang’s Paddy Warehouse
Baitang’s Rice Warehouse
Baitang’s Rice Warehouse

Paddy Dryer

The collected paddy has been processed into the Dryer to reduce the moisture level down to the standard of 14% maximum, before milling and refining. Baitang collects the paddy with the moisture level of between 24% to 30%. 

The capacity of Baitang’s Paddy Dryer has increased to 3,000 tons per day.

Baitang’s 2nd Paddy Dryer Plant
The view above our 2nd Paddy Dryer Plant

Milling Plant

Baitang milling plant is capable in carrying out ordinary milling, well-milled and extra well-milled standard – ensuring the quality for export to the world’s market. The capacity of milling plant is 20 tons of paddy per hour with the technology of SATAKE Japan. Plus, with cooperation with the Cambodia Rice Bank, its capacity of milling plant is 40 tons of paddy per hour.

1st milling plant
2nd milling Plant

Refining Plant

Our reprocessing facility consists of modern equipments and machineries from the input to the packing line. The automated facilities are the latest technology of SATAKE, Japan. The refining facility can work specifically on the quality, quantity and time delivery based on the demand of the markets. Production capacity of the reprocessing facility is 720 metric tons (refined rice) per 24 hours

Baitang’s 1st refining facility
Baitang’s 2nd refining facility

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