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Baitang (Kampuchea) Plc. has long experienced in the business of rice milling that started out as a family business, until 2008 it was officially registered as a public limited company. The main objective of Baitang is to promote paddy and rice production to ensure both quantity and quality for the exportation to the overseas markets.

Message from the Chairman

Excellencies, Neak Oknha,Lok Chum Teav, Ladies and Gentle men.Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Baitang (Kampuchea) Plc. and for supporting Baitang products and services.

I see this as our chance to reach out to so many people for their opportunity toward higher income and more personal fulfillment.
Baitang has always been a good provider of products and services. We work closely with all of our customers, community members and business partners. We challenge them to think about their current needs, and look for practical ways in improving their productivity and efficiency in farming.

Baitang is not only the supplier of products and services but we also entrust the partners with value and honesty on the quality, while maintaining good and long-term business relationship.

Baitang tries to ensure that we provide optimal quality, in terms of our product and services. We also strive to improve and correct with all incoming feedbacks at all time.


MISSION of Baitang is to partner with farmers and the people in offering possibilities, productivities, products and services through forming Baitang community, providing agricultural loans, collecting paddy rice from Baitang community.


VISION of Baitang is to become a leading and consistent rice company in Cambodia and a potential rice supplier in the international markets

Cooperation with Cambodia Rice Bank

Baitang cooperates with Cambodia Rice Bank in order to help our farmer community by purchasing their paddy, and store a larger volume of paddy.

Our storage and milling capacity has expanded, making us the largest rice factory plant in Cambodia.


In order to ensure both large volume and good quality of milled rice for the supply, Baitang (Kampuchea) Plc. would process the screened paddy being procured in our large-scale and sophisticated technical equipments/ facilities, as follows:

Drying Facility

Right after screening the good moistured paddy, all inputs shall be dried into the dryer reducing the level from 24%-30% down to the standard of 14% maximum. Baitang’s two-set Dryers— SUNCUE, Taiwan and South Korea branded— has the capacity to dry 3000 Tons/ day.

The company’s principle in paddy collection is to purchase good and moistured paddy from Baitang Community’s members, farmers, traders, and/ or millers. This could ensure the quality of paddy for milling and refining, producing good-quality and efficient milled rice for both domestic and overseas supply.

Milling Facility

Milling facility which includes cleaning line is installed by using the latest technology of SATAKE, Japan. Milled rice output is of standard with high quality, glossy and long grain, full round kernel with no streak. Our milled rice can be stored for a long period of time with the constancy of unchanged color, brightness and glossiness as the rice kernel is not streaked with bran. Production capacity of the milling facility is 20 Tons/hour, in addition with our cooperation with Cambodia Rice Bank, in which its milling capacity contributes to 40 Tons/hour, making us the biggest milling factory in Cambodia.

Refining Facility

Our reprocessing facility consists of modern equipments and machineries from the input to the packing line. The automated facilities are the latest technology of SATAKE, Japan. The refining facility can work specifically on the quality, quantity and time delivery based on the demand of the markets. Production capacity of the reprocessing facility is 720 metric tons (refined rice) per 24 hours

The refinery can work specifically on the quality, quantity, and period of time based on the actual requirements. The reprocessing line includes cleaner, destoner, polisher, rotary sifter, length grader, blender, color sorter, and lastly packer.

Warehouse Facility

The dried paddy is stored in the standard warehouse in a clean environment with proper handling technique. The total capacity of Baitang’s warehouse has expanded to 200,000 tons.


Fundamentally, Baitang (Kampuchea) Plc. has equipped with modern laboratory equipment to control on the quality and accuracy matters. Also, we have Quality Assurance Team working on the quality of paddy, milled rice, and refined rice— so as to conform to the quality and sanitation standard of food, esp. to the actual demand from the buyer.

Criteria of paddy control is to check on the percentage of purity, level of moisture, broken percentage, damaged kernel, chalky kernel, yellow kernel, and red-streaked kernel, grain glossiness and other matters.

Milled rice quality control is to check from milling to the refining and packing line; the criteria is to control on rice specification, grain glossiness, broken percentage, color, smell, and cleanliness— before processing to the final process which ends up with the packaging.