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Neang Minh Rice

Neang Minh Rice is kind of non-fragrant one with medium or short grain. It is usually cultivated in wet season from April to November.  It has good quality and taste when cooked. It is usually suitable for general people.

Typical Specification 
  • Origin: Cambodia
  • Color: White
  • Broken: 5% Max.
  • Moisture: 14.0 % Max.
  • Chalky kernels: 8% Max.
  • Yellow kernels: 0.5% Max.
  • Damaged kernels: 1% Max.
  • Foreign matter: 0.5% Max.
  • Paddy per Kg: 7 grains Max.
  • Immature kernels: 0.25% Max.
  • Milling Degree: well milled,   polished, sortexed
  • Other specifications: suitable for human consumption and  free from  bad smell and live
  insects infestation.

Remark: The specification above may be adjusted based on the actual sample or grade, degree and broken percentage.