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About Baitang (Kampuchea) Plc.

Baitang (Kampuchea) Plc. is a public limited company and was officially registered with the Ministry of Commerce in 2008. The company has been establishing and operating since 2008 by focusing on setting up Baitang community (Green Community), providing loan/ credit, supplying consumer goods and agro-input products to the community members, setting up paddy collection markets, milling and refining rice for the supply to both domestic and international markets. 

The main objective of Baitang is to promote paddy and rice production to ensure both quantity and quality for the local market and the exportation to the overseas. 

Cambodian farmers are capable, hardworking and communicable. The important thing they need is capital for agricultural production, especially paddy rice production; thus, Baitang is taking part in supporting them with hope in their livelihood by providing loan for agriculture and collecting their agricultural products as well as supplying various products at suitable price.