I. Baitang Overview :

- Name: Baitang (Kampuchea) Plc. (English: Cambodian Green Plc.)
- MOC Registration: 29 July 2008
- Factory location: Battambang Province (Northwestern Cambodia)
- Land area: 16.2 Hectares
- Factory complex: High-tech facilities, including:
        o Dryer facility: 700 Tons/day  (SUNCUE, Taiwan)
        o Storage warehouse: 100,000Tons (Clean and well-managed)
        o Milling facility: 480 Tons/day  (SATAKE, Japan)
        o Refining facility: 720 Tons/day (SATAKE, Japan) 
- Total Production capacity: 720 Tons/ day (refined rice )
- Rice supply: All Fragrant and non-fragrant varieties with all grades
- Package: All sizes of PE, PP, Jumbo bag, and Bulk in container
- Export markets: 23 countries in 5 continents worldwide
- Export rank: Among Top 3 largest exporters in Cambodia.

II. Production Foundation

Baitang (Kampuchea) Plc. ensures the optimum supply of milled rice to our buyers by means of securing the large volume and good quality of both paddy rice and milled rice from Baitang community members, local farmers, traders, and rice millers who are our close and long-term business stakeholders/ partners as well as establishing Paddy Bank Center called THANEAKEA SROV (KAMPUCHEA) PLC.
        o Setting up Baitang Community (Green Community)
        o Cooperation with all FCRMA’s members
        o Establishing Paddy Bank Center (13 Hectares area)

III. Facility Foundation

In order to ensure both large volume and good quality of milled rice for the supply, Baitang (Kampuchea) Plc. processes the screened paddy and rice being procured in our large-scale and sophisticated technical equipments/ facilities, as follows:

IV. Contact Details

Deputy General Manager
+855 53 66 77 990 / +855 53 63 222 09
Mobile: +855 12 93 23 88 / +855 12 61 70 10/ +855 89 84 91 97
E-mail: nylyheng007@gmail.com / ona_hay@yahoo.com /   phon_vibol@yahoo.com 
Website: www.baitangplcrice.com
Address: Prey Kon Sek Village, O’Char Commune, Battambang District,  
Battambang Province, KINGDOM OF CAMBODIA.