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Baitang (Kampuchea) Plc. provides 3 ranges of products/ services:
- Rice and other Agro-products
- Credit/ loan Service
- Consumer goods and Agro-input products

1. Rice and other Agro-products
Basically, the main product of Baitang is milled rice for the supply to both domestic and esp. international markets.

The company usually sells medium quality/ grade rice to the local market. As for the international one, Baitang supplies both premium quality/ grade rice and average quality /grade one, based on the actual requirement of the buyer. Yet, we have always exported premium quality and grade rice. The company supplies all related main varieties: 

  - Jasmine (Phka Malis)
  - Sen Kro Ob 
  - Phka Knhey
  - Neang Khun
  - Neang Minh
  - IR

Besides rice, Baitang also deals with other agro-products e.g.,
corn, tapioca, beans, and sesame, etc.

2. Credit/ Loan Service

Baitang provides also credit/ loan service to the Green Community members and the local farmers in our targeted operational areas.

With our 5 main strategic principles of activity, the company works directly and closely with the Green Community members and the farmers to support them with cash loan for their paddy production, at the relatively lower interest rate. The loan has played a basic role in increasing output of paddy production as well as generating income for their living condition.

3. Consumer Goods and Agro-input Products
Baitang also offers consumer goods and agro-input products to the Green Community members, the farmers, as well as the public people.

For consumer goods products, the company provides necessary products for daily consumption and use: Baitang detergent, Baitang washes liquid, menstrual pad, Green beer & soft drinks, lotions, frying oil, sauces, and instant noodle, etc. The products are imported from different countries, i.e., USA, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

At the meantime, we also provide Agro-input products to the Green Community members and the farmers. The company supplies certain agricultural inputs, such as paddy seeds, corn seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, etc.— for their agricultural production.